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A Simple New Year Tarot Spread

A New Year spread is an awesome way to reflect on the year past and also to set the tone for the year ahead, which is why you will find endless variations with varying degrees of complexity.  A quick google search will net you literally hundreds of different spreads for nearly any occasion or circumstance which is why the tarot is such a versatile and fun divination system.  No matter how this past year shaped up for you, there’s always something to be learned from the past and that wisdom has the potential to become a powerful set of armor for the future. Here is a simple four-card spread that you can use to hopefully gain some insight and clarity. This spread can also be used on a new moon or when you find yourself at any major turning-point in your life. 

Card I: What I Am Releasing

This card represents what we most need to release the past year. This could be a person or relationship, a job, a habit, an emotional pattern, or any number of things. Are you ready to let these go? If so try and make a commitment to yourself now to move forward.

Card II: What I Learned

What is the lesson that I can learn from what Card I represents? One of the most powerful ways to maintain sovereignty in the face of negative circumstances is to look for the teacher in it. Maybe we need to set better boundaries in our relationships, or trust our intuition more, or be kinder to ourselves–there’s always something to learn. 

Card III: What I Am Cultivating

This card represents an energetic point of focus for the future. What is most beneficial for you to focus on in the coming year?

Card IV: What Are My Tools

What are the tools available to me to assist me in my focus represented in Card III? 

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