Ecstasy: A Devotional Guide to the Female Mystics

The female mystics were a group of Christian visionaries who lived during the high Middle Ages. Around this period, women began to take a more active role in theological writing and their religious lives became more visible. Denied access to engagement in scriptural interpretation and philosophical studies, these women sought direct communion with God through their own bodies—through the practices of extreme asceticism, meditation, prayer, and the recreation of the sufferings of Christ within their own flesh. The visions they experienced during their numerous ecstasies granted them spiritual authority at a time when women had little, and their contributions to the mystical tradition are immense and undeniable. In this short guide Vanessa Irena introduces you to the lives and works of these remarkable women and to their transgressive, bodily, and erotic explorations of the divine.

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Saint Raphael The Archangel (with Alexander Cummins)

Archangel Raphael – whose name is sometimes translated as “the Medicine of God” – is a patron of all matters related to medicine and healing. Scripture attests Raphael to be a powerful teacher, a protector of travelers, a binder of demons, and a psychopomp. Drawing from a wide range of sources – from folk tradition to formal ceremonial ritual magic, and from grimoiric texts to biblical apocrypha – this pamphlet provides prayers and formulae, as well as guidelines for shrine-building, offerings, correspondences, and magical workings for developing a relationship with this powerful Archangel.

In this Guide you will find information on how to create a shrine, what offerings are appropriate, recipes for oils, baths, and a charm bag, the conjuration of Raphael, his seals, as well as prayers to the archangel.

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The Brazen Vessel

I have an interview with Alkistis Dimech published in The Brazen Vessel.

The Brazen Vessel documents the creative, magical partnership of Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey from 2008 to 2018. It comprises selected texts, essays and presentations, including many previously unpublished works, essays which have fallen out of print and texts that were only published online.

The book is available from Scarlet Imprint.