The following is a list of tools, books, and other resources that I love and use in my own life and practice. This page is updated regularly.

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Tools of Practice

These are the only magical tools I currently use with the exception of a good Marseille tarot deck, a set of playing cards, and a and a set of bone dice.

Sea Salt
Natural Wood Incense
Essential Oil Diffuser
Epsom Salt
Eye Pillow
Beeswax Candles
Florida Water

Essential Reading

Tools for a Home Fitness Practice

Everything you need to build an effective at-home workout practice

15-20lbs are a good starting weight
Set of Dumbbells
10-15lbs are a good starting weight
Yoga Mat
Resistance Bands

Fitness Resources

Wellness Products

I don’t use a ton of wellness products because I believe true wellness comes from doing less, not more. These are my basic staples that I personally rely on.

Menstrual Cup
Digestive Bitters
Witch Hazel
Dessicated Liver
Swedish Bitters
Skin Cream
Cod Liver Oil
Nettle Leaf
Natural Calm
Instant Pot

Ecstatic Dance Playlists

My Favorite Tarot Decks

Eros: The Garden Of Love by uusi
The Seventh Sphere Marseilles by Tina Gong
The Jean Noblet Marseilles

Other Resources

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