The following is a list of tools, books, and resources that I love and use regularly in my own life and practice

Tools of Practice

These are the only magical tools I currently use with the exception of a good Marseille tarot deck a and a set of bone dice.

Eye Pillow
Cedar Incense
Essential Oil Diffuser
Juniper Incense
Epsom Salt
Beeswax Candles
Sea Salt

Essential Reading

Tools for a Home Fitness Practice

Everything you need to build an effective at-home workout practice

10, 20 are good starting weights
Set of Dumbbells
5, 10, 15 are good starting weights
Yoga Mat
Resistance Bands

Fitness Resources

  • DAREBEE – a site with hundreds of free workouts, advice, and a supportive community
  • Yoga With Adriene – great free yoga videos
  • Nia Shanks – trainer and author with great free info and tips on her site

Beauty, Health, and Wellness Products

I don’t use a ton of wellness products because I believe true wellness comes from doing less, not more. These are my basic staples that I rely on.

Organic Lotion
Nettle Leaf
Deodorant Spray
Witch Hazel
Shea Nut Oil
D3 + K2
Digestive Bitters
Castille Soap
Instant Pot
Swedish Bitters